Why Wildfire?

 • WildFire offers the best prices on the most efficient stoves on the market. Contact us for pricing.

• WildFire sells furniture quality stoves in soapstone, cast iron, and steel metal.

• Our greatest quality is that we sell stoves with the highest EPA ratings, minimal emissions, and highest efficiencies.

• We sell the newest green technology, air tight stoves which generate cleaner burns with secondary combustion chambers that minimize emissions by re-circulating gases and burn back through the fire.

• Our stoves have longer burn times which means a warm consistent fire can burn 24 hours a day using much less wood than traditional wood stoves.

• This minimizes greenhouse effect and drastically decreases emissions from traditional wood stoves.

• Our stoves combine both radiant heat created by the fire plus convection heat which circulate room air around the stove and pushes warm air back into the room without the use of a blower.

• Not only does WildFire sell the most efficient stoves, we also sell the most aesthetic stoves on the market.

• With the largest windows on the market, our stoves establish an ambiance of relaxation and comfort offered by no other source of heat.  

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